About the conference

Policy Paper Presentation of the Advisory Group on R&I for Africa-Europe Cooperation:
“How to make R&I a driver in the African-European cooperation for sustainable development?”

Six high-level and experts from Africa and Europe advise the European Commission on how to boost the potential of R&I for Africa-Europe cooperation in the field of:

  • 1. Empowered Health Systems

  • 2. Strengthened R&I Capacities in Africa

  • 3. Innovation & Technology Revolution

  • 4. Green Transition in Africa

The evidence-based policy papers of the Advisory Group (AG) refer each to one of the priority topics and reflect not only the decades of experience of the high-level experts, but also the feedback of over 500 African and European policymakers and other stakeholder collected during the participative elaboration process during the last months. Besides an analytical study of the present situation, the papers include recommendations for instruments and priority actions for the dialogue between AU and EU policy makers. The event will present a summary of the four policy papers, of common and specific recommendations as well as a roadmap for implementation with a time frame of 7 years.

This event is the last of a series of events and we are happy to present the results of the AG´s work.

Please find here the Agenda.